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Our proud history started way back in the late 1940’s – exact date unknown - when Barend Hendrik Andriaan Beukes was the first generation to start manufacturing bricks at Klipheuwel Farm, located just outside of the Overberg town of Caledon. He wanted to make bricks to build houses for himself and his farm labourers. His method consisted of the unlikely pairing of a donkey and 220 liter oil drum.

When he no longer needed any bricks, his son Izak Stephanus De Villiers Beukes, better known as Oubaas, asked if he could continue with the brick manufacturing and sell them locally. As the years progressed he purchased better machinery to produce better quality bricks.

In 1973 the business was registered as I.S.De V Beukes BK (PTY Ltd) and in 1975 Izak (also Izak Stephanus De Villiers Beukes) joined the company. He continued with the manufacturing and production of bricks for the local market and surrounding areas. Then in 1985 Izak and Oubaas registered the company as I.S.De V Beukes BK, as it is known today.

In 1999 the second eldest brother, Pieter Beukes became the fifth generation Beukes to farm the land at Klipheuwel Farm. Whilst in 2003 the company extended into its fourth generation when Marius Beukes joined the company. His eldest brother, Div Beukes, also joined the company in 2014 to start with the manufacturing of cement bricks on the same premises thereby extending our proud history.

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A Proud History
Although the business was only registered in 1973, we've been manufacturing bricks since the late 1940's.
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Stock Availability
We always maintain consistent stock levels enabling us to supply to projects of any scale all year round.
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Top Quality
Our NFP and NFX products have been the well trusted and widely used clay bricks in the Overberg region for many years.
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Eco Friendly
Clay brick is friendlier to the environment. From its production from our abundant local supply of natural clay, through to its extended product life.

Currently we’re manufacturing both NFP and NFX bricks. Non Facing Plastered - NFP - are clay bricks used for general building work that needs to be plastered. While the Non Facing Extra - NFX are clay bricks suitable for use in building work for plastered or un-plastered.

Generally for either: below damp-proof course; under damp conditions or below ground level where durability rather than aesthetics is the criteria for selection.

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